Jude Drummond

Director, Financial Adviser, KiwiSaver & Group Super Specialist, Retirement Savings
About This Project

Jude’s background includes working for a bank for 13 years and co-ordinating her own sales business from home with 3 school age children.

At Stratus, Jude works with group and personal insurances (life, crisis, income, disability and health) as well as Superannuation including KiwiSaver.

Jude also holds the positions of Stratus FSL General Manager & member of the Stratus Board of Directors.

Jude and her husband have 3 adult children, with extended family in the Pacific Island and Disabled Communities.

She has been training in Shotokan Karate for a number of years and been recognised for her high levels of training.  Jude offers teaching & admin support to her Wellington & NZ Dojo Heads.

Contact Jude

Phone: 04 499 6500

Email: contact@stratusnz.nz


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