Links, Tools, Calculators

Below are some helpful links, tools and calculators. If you need help with any of these or would like more in depth tools please get in touch.


AMP’s MyAMP website provides you with the ability to manage your AMP accounts online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Featuring a new look that is simple to navigate, the site can provide you with the information you need to stay in control of your accounts at any time, day or night.

Here’s what you can do with MyAMP:

  • Manage your investment portfolio online with the latest available pricing information.
  • Access your statements online, check the frequency and amount of contributions.
  • Receive updates via the Welcome Page and help wherever you are within the site.
  • Drill down to see your individual accounts and view transaction summaries.
  • Request to update your personal information quickly and effectively- including password, email address, phone numbers and addresses.
  • Instruct AMP to perform investment fund changes, update your IRD Number and PIE tax rate.

Sum Insurance Calculator

Cordell is an independent building and construction information provider and they estimate how much the replacement cost of your home will be. Their calculators have been used extensively overseas.  Please click on the link below to be directed to the calculator.

Express Cordell Online Calculator –This calculator only takes a few minutes to complete and requires the basic information of your home.

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