Top up your KiwiSaver via Online Internet Banking

03 Sep Top up your KiwiSaver via Online Internet Banking

It is quick and easy to top up your KiwiSaver using Online Banking. This can be done with two different methods.

1st: log in to your bank account and go to “Pay Tax”
2nd: Select which account you want the funds to come out of
3rd: In the Tax Type box, select “KiwiSaver Contributions/Member”
4th: Enter in the IRD number of the person whose KiwiSaver you want to top up in the IRD box (Eg: you, partner, child)
5th: Enter the Dollar amount you want to contribute
6th: Confirm all the details are correct and then select Pay

Pay Person/Bill:
1st: Select Pay a Person or a bill
2nd: Select the account you want the fund to come from
3rd: Under Payee (search box for preloaded payees), search for your KiwiSaver provider (you can also search for KiwiSaver to bring up all the providers)
4th: Enter the amount you wish to pay and then select Pay

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