Know Where You’re Headed with Your KiwiSaver

14 May Know Where You’re Headed with Your KiwiSaver

When you head off on a trip you know where you are going, how long it will take, what you need for the journey … and where you are starting from.

Your KiwiSaver is a trip to your future.
The Inland Revenue’s handy portal, myIR, is the first step in knowing your KiwiSaver journey.
The myIR tool is useful for many interactions with the IRD. You can;

  • Access your IRD number.
  • Check your student loan balance.
  • Update your details (including contact and bank information).
  • Manage your child support payments.
  • Check and update your Working for Families details.
  • File a personal tax return.
  • Check whether you are due a refund or have to pay tax.
  • Apply for parental leave payments.
  • File and pay your GST.

You can also check your KiwiSaver contributions.
Don’t Have a myIR Login?
If you haven’t yet registered for myIR you just need to visit the Inland Revenue website and follow the prompts.
How to Find Your KiwiSaver Payments
To see your KiwiSaver contributions first click on this link, then:

1:Click on Login to myIR.   

2: Login using your UserID and password.

3. On the lower left of the screen click on KiwiSaver Member.

4. From the dropdown box at the lower left of the screen, select All time. This will show a summary of contributions.

5.For more information on your contributions, click on View transactions.

Important Notes
At this stage of knowing your KiwiSaver it’s important to know two things;

  1. The myIR tool doesn’t include any fees or investment growth – just contributions.
  2. If any of your contributions are from a payroll – whether it’s from your pay as an employee or from your employer – it takes a while for the IRD to process it so it’s not shown in your myIR KiwiSaver balance for a few months.
  3. Any voluntary contributions paid directly to your KiwiSaver provider (not from payroll) won’t show in the myIR tool.

For the next step in knowing your KiwiSaver journey, keep an eye out for our next KiwiSaver email.
For all your KiwiSaver questions, please contact me via

Best wishes
Jude – Stratus KiwiSaver Specialist

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