Give Yourself a Christmas Gift with KiwiSaver

22 Dec Give Yourself a Christmas Gift with KiwiSaver

Unlike those reindeer socks from Gran, KiwiSaver is the gift you’ll want for years to come.

Just like changing your smoke alarm batteries when daylight saving kicks in, checking your KiwiSaver balance – and thinking about your future – is a worthwhile Christmas gift to yourself.

At Stratus we offer KiwiSaver funds from six different providers. Each of these providers has different funds that deliver different outcomes. We can help you decide which is best for you. 

The first thing you need to do is check your balance.

How Do I Check My KiwiSaver Balance?

If you know who your KiwiSaver fund provider is it’s easy – just click on the provider link below, login and view.

What if I’ve Forgotten my Login Details?

The links above will take you to the provider’s login page and you can follow their prompts to be reminded of your username or password.

What if I Don’t Know Who My Provider is?

If you don’t know which company manages your KiwiSaver, contact the Inland Revenue Department on 0800 549 472 or by logging in to myIR.

I’ve Got My Balance – What Now?

Now comes the fun part … you get to daydream and think about what you want!

There are many general resources online but for assistance that is just for you, contact us at Stratus and we can help you make decisions for your future.

Even if your KiwiSaver isn’t with one of our providers, as a Stratus client we will still help you – at our cost.

And if you want to change providers, we can do that for you too.

For all your KiwiSaver questions contact Jude Drummond, Stratus KiwiSaver Specialist, at

Best wishes and have a safe Christmas

Michael, Wayne, Mark and Jude
Stratus Advisers

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