KiwiSaver – Who Can Join?

01 Oct KiwiSaver – Who Can Join?

At Stratus it’s important to us that we are looking after you, not only today but also in the future when you retire. Helping you join KiwiSaver is one way we can assist your financial future.

All NZ citizens and those who are entitled to live in NZ indefinitely can join KiwiSaver but there are some minor differences depending on the age of the person joining and their employment type.

You may already be with a KiwiSaver plan so if unsure, call the IRD as they can check this for you on 0800 549 472.

Under 18:
Please note you need an IRD number to become KiwiSaver member. If you don’t have one you can apply for one via the IRD website

If a prospective KiwiSaver member is aged under 16, you need the consent of ALL legal guardians, and to complete a paper Application form. They cannot join KiwiSaver on their own or online.
If aged 16-17, you will need to talk to your preferred KiwiSaver provider eg: AMP, ANZ, Booster, Milford, etc. to check if a parent or Guardian needs to co-sign the paper application form with the young adult.

Age 18-65:
Not with KiwiSaver & Employer has a preferred KiwiSaver provider:
Some employers will already have a KiwiSaver plan that you can join. When you join that company, you need only complete the IRD KS2 (deduction authority) and you will join their KiwiSaver provider.
If your employer doesn’t have a preferred KiwiSaver, you will be set up with one of 9 Government approved KiwiSaver default providers, and they will write to you using the IRD held address to advise the plan details.

If you are either self-employed or unemployed (and over 18 years of age), you can join any KiwiSaver plan you wish either by the online or paper application. If joining using the paper application form, you will need to have your ID and address details confirmed. If you are unemployed you do not have to contribute.

Over 65:
Even if you are already aged 65 and over, you can still join KiwiSaver and have all the contributions (member and employer) apart from the Government Contributions. You can join or re-join (if you were previously a KiwiSaver member) using the paper or online application process.

Feel free to contact Jude Drummond, Stratus KiwiSaver Specialist, with your KiwiSaver questions, on

Best wishes and keep safe
Michael, Wayne, Mark and Jude/Stratus Advisers.

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