Our Happy Clients

“David is a very approachable financial advisor who was able to quickly assess my personal and financial situation. He realised my existing policy was outdated and needed to reflect my current situation. At my initial meeting with David, he mentioned the Trauma policy and after he explained how it worked, I realised it was worth having.

About a year after reviewing my covers I was diagnosed with a brain tumour, it took about eight weeks for me to realise my health situation was serious. I had a very understanding employer, but the fact was I was quickly using all my leave. Coupled with my financial situation, I decided to contact David.

The covers David had put in place gave me entitlement to a Lump Sum payment and ongoing income payments. Receiving the lump-sum payment was a huge relief, as it enabled me to regain some financial control. I was unable to work for over two years, so having a regular payment coming in let me focus on getting fit and healthy. I also received assistance with CV creation and continued from overleaf speech therapy, part of a recovery programme to help me back into the workforce. I’m proud to say I’m now fit, healthy and employed.

I’m not a high-end investor yet he treats me with the same respect as his premium clients. When I was looking for work he used his contacts to try and assist me. He also provided good advice to my daughter when she was thinking about KiwiSaver.

David is passionate in what he does and he seems to do it extremely well. Previously, I had four advisors spanning over 20 years. David was the only person who took the time to find out about me and ensure my future needs would be met. I have now known him for approximately seven years. He’s become someone I can trust and a good friend.”

– Mark

“In February 2004 my husband Ivan was diagnosed with cancer, and in April 2005 the doctors told us there was nothing more they could do. We brought him home from hospital and he died two weeks later.

Ivan had always managed our finances and he wanted to ensure my and the children’s future could be as secure as possible. He said, ‘When I die you need to pay the house off and go and see David. He will look after you.’

Ivan had consulted David many years earlier. With his advice, Ivan took out various policies which meant that on his death, we would be in a good financial position.

I was left with the grief of not having Ivan any more, and the task of caring for our two children, aged 11 and 14. I needed financial security and also to be a very available parent.

So I went to see David. He carefully explained an investment plan to me. Frankly, I had no interest in the detail. I simply wanted him to do what he thought best, and it was with no understanding but complete trust that I asked him to manage all the money received from the insurance. We go through this process regularly. David makes recommendations and I make an effort to at least look like I’m interested and say, ‘Fine’.

What I do know is that the investments are growing at a very good rate. What it practically means is that I don’t have any money worries. I am able to work part time and to be there for the children.

I continue to trust him implicitly. Ivan said David would look after me and he has. I have no hesitation in recommending him.”

– Emily

“I first knew David through a company superannuation scheme. When I left that job in 2003, he followed me up about a year later to see what I wanted to do with my super. He now manages my funds and provides me with regular updates. I am always happy to follow his advice.

I like to think I’m a reasonably fair accountant, and if David wasn’t really performing I would have been looking elsewhere. But he has performed admirably well. He has continued to make me money, and he makes it pretty painless.

David’s extremely sensitive to my needs and he keeps on top of the current situation. He gives sound reasons for any changes and understands where I am at in the financial cycle.

And he will think outside the square if the situation requires it. Some people in the industry are dictated by what they have to do, but David will consider that aspect and then consider the client’s needs.

We usually catch up when he comes down to Christchurch. He’s not just a financial adviser – I enjoy his company.

I’ve had some dealings with David on a professional basis as well, because I knew he was good value. He became the KiwiSaver provider for a company I was working with.

I can’t speak highly enough of David in terms of his advice.”

– Bruce

“I value David’s advice purely and simply because he helps me get the best possible returns. I trust him implicitly.

I first met David when he was responsible for the superannuation fund of the company I previously worked for. When I was made redundant a few years ago I was paid out my superannuation, and at that point David took ownership of it and managed it for me. I have now worked with him since 2002. He manages three super funds for me as well as some insurance. He has also picked up my wife’s fund to help her restructure it and get a better return.

I don’t understand the markets, but David knows them thoroughly. From both a customer service perspective and an investment perspective, I have every reason to trust him.

It is more than just a straight financial relationship. I bump into him at rugby and cricket matches, and I am very comfortable with him. He is a very genuine person.

David certainly understands my position, particularly when I was made redundant. Everything that he has recommended, I have accepted. I highly recommend him as a financial adviser.”

– Bill

“I’d had one AMP policy since I was young and hardly had any contact with the company at all until Michael appeared. He’s helped us right from the time he started with AMP.

Michael took a look at what we had, and it just went from there. He talked us out of dropping the policy, and sat down with my wife and I and went through everything. He discussed a number of different options with us and we agreed on the way forward, then he said, ‘Leave it to me, I’ll sort it out.’

At first we would hear from Michael regularly and he helped us a lot. He set things up for both of us and, ever since then, we’ve left it with him.

We’ve sort of grown up with Michael.”

– Alan

“Michael makes contact with us regularly to make sure we have the right cover for our needs – like income protection and disability cover, because we’re running a business.

As our business grows our needs change, and Michael accommodates these changes within our policy.

He’s in contact with a lot of business owners, talking about their needs and passing on his knowledge. He has so much exposure to the business community that he is a real asset as a financial adviser.

The Stratus Business Leaders Forum he helped set up allows like-minded people to come together and discuss the positive and negative sides of business. We learn from each other about mistakes made and what worked well – very valuable in the business world.

Michael’s sensitivity to our requirements means he can support my business and my family, providing everything we need, from medical insurance to life and income cover. He draws on his own knowledge to offer us all the available options so that we are fully educated to make informed decisions.”

– Jonny

“I’ve had a long-standing relationship with Michael – over 17 to 18 years. He gave me advice and support to help me get my first home. And when my partner died, he had sincere empathy and compassion for us, but he also helped me to look at the bigger picture.

Michael is reliable – if you need him he will be there, like a family member you might see only once or twice a year. He always touches base with me to make sure all my insurance is relevant and suits my situation.

He approaches things in a holistic way to make it relevant to my needs, and that’s benefited me right up to the present day, both personally and financially.

Once when he visited, my son gave him a marble. The next time we saw him, he had brought another marble to swap. I even called Michael to ask his advice on a non-financial matter because I trust his knowledge and opinion. Even though it was a personal matter I felt confident to consult him.

I can’t speak highly enough of Michael. I would not consider going anywhere else for advice.”

– Jane

Michael used to work for my husband, who died recently. He helped me sort out my insurances and the Estate, and when my mortgage was cleared he helped me invest the remainder of the money I had from the insurance.

He was very aware of my interests and what I might like to do. At one stage I bought a painting with some money left over from the purchase of a car, which prompted him to think about how I could do a little bit of investing in art and so on. He was really looking at ways to invest that could be adapted to my needs and interests.

He’s been very supportive and we enjoy discussing things together. I can approach him to talk about anything I have concerns about, like special bills or other matters to do with the management of the house or my finances.

Michael has integrity and he works with what is best for me. I have really valued our relationship.”

– Muriel

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