Southern Cross Cancer Cover Options

Wayne Head, AFA

Investment & Risk Specialist

Peter Ballantyne, AFA

Life & Disability Insurance Specialist

Insurance can’t stop you getting cancer but it can help you reduce the financial burden.

Southern Cross have new types of cover available, you can add on to existing policies, or have a separate cover – you can even add your family members on too.

You decide how you use your payment, it could help you:

  • Keep an income when you are off work
  • Pay the bills – everyday and medical
  • Feed your family
  • Childcare and home help
  • Pay travel costs

Contact Peter or Wayne today to find the cover that is right for you.

Or you can phone us on 0800 787 288.

Disclaimer: This information does not constitute personalised advice. If you would like personalised advice please contact Stratus for an appointment.