Review your life cover loadings and exclusions

Peter Ballantyne, AFA

Life & Disability Insurance Specialist

Stratus Financial Services, Ltd

Can you save on your life premiums?

We all know life is full of changes and the choices we make can have an effect right down to the premiums on your life cover.

If you’ve made a change recently, like giving up smoking or getting on top of a health condition, which was affecting your premiums, it might be time to ask us for a review.

Remember your insurer can’t increase your premiums for a worse health status but you can apply for a reduction to reflect your improved health.
How much could you save?

If you’d like to find out if we can help email, or you can call Peter on 04 499 6500.

Disclaimer: This information  does not constitute personalised advice. If you would like personalised advice please contact Stratus for an appointment.