Retirement Savings

Will you have the income needed to live the lifestyle you desire in retirement?

Retirement affects us all and many people are unclear about how much money they need to sustain their desired lifestyle in retirement. In today’s world you could easily enjoy 20 or 30 years of active retirement and your choices are only limited by your health and savings.

We are here to help ensure you have enough money to live out all your dreams and adventures in retirement. With good planning, sensible investments and sound financial advice you can relax knowing you have everything in place to enjoy a secure and fulfilling retirement.

Where does KiwiSaver fit into my savings and retirement plan?

KiwiSaver is a voluntary work based savings initiative that makes it easier for you to save for your future. It is one part of an overall retirement plan.

Money is put into your KiwiSaver account automatically each time you are paid. You can choose to contribute 3%, 4% or 8% of your gross (before tax) salary or wages to KiwiSaver.

A major benefit for you in taking advantage of KiwiSaver is that your employer must also contribute a minimum of 3% of your gross salary or wages into your account also. This compounds the savings you are able to achieve.

You also enjoy an annual tax credit to your KiwiSaver account up to $10 per week, approximately $520 per annum. Conditions apply.

Who can join KiwiSaver?

You can join KiwiSaver if you’re:

    • Under the age of eligibility for New Zealand Superannuation (currently 65),
    • A New Zealand citizen, or entitled to live in New Zealand indefinitely, and
    • Living or normally living in New Zealand.

    Enrolment in KiwiSaver will be automatic for all those starting a new job (with some exceptions), although employees automatically enrolled will have the chance to opt out (within a specified timeframe).  Other people can choose to opt in to KiwiSaver but can’t then opt out.

Secure Your Retirement

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