Mark Fairfield

Director, Financial Adviser, Investment & Risk Specialist
About This Project

Mark is a Financial Adviser and holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration.

He has a wealth of experience after having worked in the industry for more than 10 years. Mark has background in analysis and evaluation at both a micro and macro level.

Mark brings a high level of technical understanding, which allows him to provide valuable insight around long term strategies. Mark is highly dedicated to the work he does and the people he helps, with a focus particularly towards protecting the present and planning for the future.

Mark’s motivation comes from a desire to develop plans and provide recommendations tailored to a client’s situation and objectives.

Mark and his partner, have 3 children together and he likes to spend time relaxing with family, including supporting his kids’ football teams.

Otherwise, Mark has a keen interest in cycling.

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Phone: 04 499 6500



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