Broker Insurance Based Products

To access Brokerage Based Insurance General products such as – Domestic and Business covers e.g. buildings, contents, vehicles, etc., Stratus Insurance Brokers Limited (SIBL) is engaged as an Authorised Body, Neil Carter is directed by Insurance Advisernet New Zealand Limited (IANZ). IANZ holds a Financial Adviser Provider License, (FAP 26221). This link ( will take you to their website to show the range of providers and products they source for us.  

We only provide financial advice about products from certain providers – General Insurance through a range of companies both Local and International, the specific insurer will be detailed when the nature and scope of advice is known.  

The nature of this relationship is that Stratus Insurance Brokers Ltd (SIBL) is an Authorised Body that contracts to IANZ. We do not have a position on the board. IANZ on-pays commission and fees received to SIBL, whilst retaining a portion of 9.5% of any income received.

IANZ contracts providers, who then pay IANZ to on-pay SIBL where the relationship with the client is identified to be through SIBL. The amount each provider pays IANZ will depend on the specific financial provider and type of product. The providers may pay IANZ between 5% to 25% of the annual premium in the first and any following years, this is then passed on to Stratus Insurance Brokers Limited less the cut. Any fees for administration are notified individually.

IANZ and SIBL may receive payments from product providers and financial platforms providers for the amount for business placed with them.

IANZ may receive funding from suppliers to market and contribute at periodic conferences.