AMP KiwiSaver Investment Fund Performance reporting

Jude Drummond, AFA

KiwiSaver & Group Super Specialist, Retirement Savings

Stratus Financial Services, Ltd

As an AMP KiwiSaver member, are you aware that the funds you chose to invest your AMP KiwiSaver contributions in can affect how your AMP KiwiSaver performs? Each month, AMP releases their AMP KiwiSaver monthly returns; this shows the performance of their 27 investment funds for the month.


Below is a useful How To guide showing you where you can source the monthly returns.

Finding AMP KiwiSaver Investment Returns

You can find the AMP KiwiSaver investment fund returns on the AMP website –


Scroll to the bottom of the home page, and select Investment Returns & Unit Prices.


Under the KiwiSaver header, select AMP KiwiSaver Scheme in the drop-down list, and select View.


Select Investment Returns and the Investment Returns drop-down list.


Select the latest monthly AMP KiwiSaver investment fund returns (e.g. for this example April 2017), and it will open the AMP KiwiSaver investment fund returns in a new tab.

If you have any questions, please contact Stratus on 0800 STRATUS.


To read the AMP KiwiSaver returns table, run your eye across the top line for the Conservative fund until you get to the column headed 1 year – those are the gross (before tax is deducted) investment returns for the 1 year ended in the date of the table.

The column headed 5 year shows the annualised gross investment return for the 5 years ended in the table date.

The column at the far right headed ‘since inception’ is the gross annualised investment returns for that fund since 2007, when KiwiSaver started.